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AP-100 IMF Innovative Forming Machine
Model: AP-100
Dimensions: 2770mm x 1600 mm x 1960 mm
Weight: 6000Kg
Clamping Force 200TPN
Hight Pressure Output 150bar/cm2
Heating Area 350mmx400mm
Open Stroke 300mm
  • Suit for the air pressure forming of all kind film.
  • Precise formong with effect of fixed position.
  • For cheap forming dies.
  • Special heating system.
  • Forming dies can exchange cold and hot.
  • Touch screen, mmt.
  • Available to operate on both sides, fast forming speed, no time is waste.
  • Chiller, air cooling cycle device.
  • Optional device - robot.
  • Optional device - high pressure machine.

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